For the past 10 years Pullman Washington has been home to a 0-4-4T “forney” steam locomotive, brought in and put on display by the now deceased owner of the ex NP depot.  With the depot now in the hand of the Whitman County Historical Society, the decision was made to find a new home for the locomotive, which having been built for a lumber mill in Vancouver BC Canada, had no relevance to the area.  It is going to a railroad museum that has assisted in the efforts with the Pullman Depot.  It is a good deal for both organisations, the Pullman Depot is now one step closer to having the building once again visible, and the other museum now has a small and easy to restore steam locomotive that is well suited to a small location with sharp curves.  An overall win-win!  Here a crane lifts the small locomotive onto a low trailer for a short trip to its new home. October 2, 2018 Pullman Washington.